Founded in 2021 by Wouter Jaspers, Sonic Artefacts is a project that explores the storytelling potential of sound.

Sonic Artefacts offers a range of electro-acoustic sound tools, such as precision microphones, sensors that capture electromagnetic waves, and other devices that allow musicians and sound artists to explore the full electromagnetic spectrum. We pay close attention to every detail of our products, from design to production.

All our products are designed, produced and tested in house. Sonic Artefacts is a small operation that aims to stay small and personal. We value the direct connection with our customers and the creative freedom that comes with being independent.

Why use cork?

We care about the environment and use Portuguese Cork, a natural and eco-friendly material, in our designs. The key to cork’s many properties is its honeycomb cell structure. Each cell is a 14-sided polyhedron filled with air with an extremely strong and flexible membrane that is waterproof and airtight. The amazing cell structure of cork gives it the following much sought after properties: elasticity, lightness, insulation, impermeability, durability, and is easy to work with. Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource, and it is 100% recyclable.

Wouter’s background in making instruments

Wouter Jaspers is a sound artist working in the field of (electroacoustic) music. He spent most of the past 20 years touring and performing all over the world. In his mid-twenties, he co-founded KOMA Elektronik, a Berlin-based musical instrument manufacturer. There, together with the team, he created electronic musical instruments for adventurous musicians. The Field Kit series, for example, is fully based upon his own musical practice, bridging the worlds of electro-acoustic experiments and electronic instruments. As the CEO of KOMA he also opened Common Ground, a space for DIY instruments, workshops, and meetings, in Berlin in 2016.

Since leaving KOMA in late 2020, Wouter has focused on his artistic projects, researching and performing mostly with self-built instrumentation, radio waves and field recordings. He also gets as a music/sound director for new music ensembles and experimental artists. He teaches workshops on electronic music and engages in dialogue with DIY culture and other musical instrument designers. More information on his personal website.

At Sonic Artefacts, we believe in the power of sound to tell stories, evoke emotions, and create immersive experiences. Join us on this sonic journey.